When can I send in my application?

The MBAE program has one winter semester intake per year. The application period for it starts on the 1st of November and ends on the 28th of February (extended until March, 15th). There are no summer semester intakes offered.

How I know whether or not I am eligible to apply?

For an initial check, you may use the DAAD database on admission requirements: LINK

Furthermore, you may send your degree and grade transcript to the MBA&E office via mbae@htw-berlin.de. We will provide a preliminary eligibility assessment.

In addition, you must fulfil the requirements concerning working experience and English language skills, which you can find listed HERE in the section ‘Required Qualifications’.

When will letters of acceptance be sent?

Your application will be evaluated after the application deadline on February, 28th. 

As soon as the admission board has made a decision, our programme office will contact you with the result. 

I applied last year but did did not gain admission / did not join the programme. Do I need to send another application this year?

Yes. Please send an updated application this year. 

Should I send multiple applications to apply for different specialisation options?

No. Please choose your specialisation option carefully and send one application only. Redundant applications will not be considered.

How do I know whether my first degree will be recognised for my application?

If you are not sure whether your first degree will be recognised, you can send a copy of your degree certificate and grade transcript by email to mbae@htw-berlin.de. Attach a German or English translation if necessary.

Do I need a GMAT or GRE test to apply for the MBA&E programme?

No. The requirements that you must fulfil for the MBA&E programme are listed in the Eligibility and Admission Regulations and under the section Applying for the degree programme.

Do you hold application interviews?

In certain cases telephone interviews are conducted. You will be given plenty of notice in advance.

Do I need to speak German in order to apply for the degree programme?

No - the teaching language in the MBA&E is English.

However, while English is spoken widely in Berlin, being able to speak at least some German is very useful for living in Germany.

Especially if you wish to work in Germany after graduation, it is advisable to start learning German as early as possible. Most full-time jobs require at least C1 level (nearly fluent) German, including those at multinational companies.

How much does the MBA&E programme cost?

The tuition fee for this study programme is 12,500 euros (status: winter semester 2024/25). This includes tuition and extracurricular activities offered by the programme office. Some extracurricular activities (e.g. language courses in the semester break) may have an additional cost.

The tuition fee is by default paid in three equal instalments, one per semester of studies. If you extend the studies to four semesters, there will not be an additional instalment.

In addition to the tuition fee, there is a semester fee which is paid for enrolment at all universities in Berlin. The semester fee includes the price of the semester ticket for public transport in Berlin. The semester fee details can be read here: LINK

In this section of the website you will also find a pro-forma financial plan for the studies. Here’s the direct link.

Are there scholarships for the MBA&E programme?

  • In the 2024 intake (new students), it is possible to apply for the MBA&E Diversity Enhancement Grant. The purpose of this grant is to encourage applications from underrepresented nationalities and female applicants in order to improve diversity among the MBA&E student body. The grant prefers applicants with outstanding extracurricular achievements, voluntary activities and prior interest and connections with Germany. The grant entails a reduction of the tuition fee of up to 50%. The applications will be evaluated after the 28th of February.

    You may send your application for the MBA&E Diversity Enhancement Grant from November 1st until February 28th, 2024 (extended to March, 15th) by email to mbae@htw-berlin.de. The application form can be found here

  • Scholarship - Hilde Domin Programme The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) administers the scholarship programme “Hilde Domin Programme” with funds from the Federal Foreign Office (AA). The programme serves to support students and doctoral candidates from across the globe, who are at risk of being formally or de facto denied educational or other rights in their country of origin, and to provide these students and doctoral candidates with an opportunity to begin or complete a study or research degree at a higher education institution in Germany.

If you find yourself in the situation described above, please contact our Programme Office. 

For further information regarding scholarships please browse the DAAD Scholarship Database.

Please also have a look at the general HTW Scholarships Info Website.



Where can I find information about studying and working in Germany?

The following websites are excellent sources for information. Especially if you have plans to stay and work after graduation, we recommend you to gain as much information about life and employment in Germany as early as possible.

You may also be interested in the Employability Skills MOOC:

What are my chances of finding work in Germany after graduation?

The MBA&E degree typically leads graduates toward positions in the manufacturing and technology sectors.

However, as the MBA&E is a postgraduate programme that admits students with a diversity of backgrounds and goals, career chances depend on the individual more than anything else. Our advice is that you spend time up front to reflect on your career plans and the role you expect the the MBA&E degree to play in them.

During the studies, you can also receive a lot of extracurricular courses and career advice from the MBA&E iCareer Academy. 

Please also have a look at our Alumni Success Stories.

Can I complete an internship within the programme?

Yes. You can complete an optional internship during the third semester and your Master thesis in the fourth semester.

For this, there is no increase of the tuition fee. The semester (enrolment) fee for an additional semester must, however, be paid.

We recommend an internship at a German company especially to international students who wish to work in Germany later.

How will I gain information about establishing my life in Berlin?

To every admitted students, we will send an information package that contains information on the following points, and more:

  • Finding accommodation
  • Getting enrolled
  • Gaining your student ID and public transportation ticket
  • Gaining a health insurance
  • Registering at the officials in Berlin
  • Applying for the residence permit (if needed)