Pro-forma financial plan

Pro-forma financial plan

In many countries, cities and universities, the cost of gaining a postgraduate degree has become very high in the past years. As a programme of a (non-profit) public university, the MBA&E is focused on providing a reasonably priced education. Considering also the relatively low cost of living in Berlin, the MBA&E provides you with good educational value for money compared to other equally attractive study destinations in Europe.

Below you will find a pro-forma financial plan for the complete programme. The plan is indicative only and non-binding.

Monthly expenses

Accommodation400 €
Food and miscellaneous    400 €
Health insurance106 €
Sum906 €


Study related fees over 3 semesters

Tuition fee12.500 €
Semester fee x 3         

920 €

Sum13.420 €


Total cost of studies over 18 months (3 semesters)

Monthly expenses x 1816.308 €
Study related fees13.420 €
Sum29.728 €