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Experts to meet strong industry demand

The MBA&E degree will enable you to work in a variety of different industries and areas. Your skills will be in demand on the labour market because in addition to a knowledge of business administration, you will also have specialist expertise in engineering and technical management. In addition, the specialisation options will give you specific advantages in the following areas:

  • Automotive Management: Technical and management positions at automotive OEMs, supplies and service providers.
  • Interdisciplinary Management: Positions in areas where coordination of work by professionals of various disciplines is required, such as large projects.
  • Lean Management: Positions in process optimisation in different areas of production and services.
  • Global Procurement: Positions in procurement for different industries from international markets and suppliers.
  • Global Leadership in Engineering: As this specialisation requires prior leadership and/or international experiences, the graduates are expected to enter internationally oriented engineering leadership positions.

Many MBA&E students have backgrounds in various areas of engineering. As a global exporter of of technology goods, Germany has a strong demand for engineers of different kinds. Currently, there is a deficit of over 60,000 technical experts on the job market. With their engineering backgrounds and business skills, MBA&E graduates have excellent career chances on the industrial job market.

Where do MBA&E graduates work

Typically, MBA&E graduates occupy positions in areas like consulting, industrial marketing and sales, operations management and controlling, product and portfolio management, project management and supply chain management.

Our employers of our graduates include Alstom, BearingPoint, Bombardier, Bosch, BMW, Continental, Daimler, Denso, Ericsson, Goodyear, Hella, Knorr-Bremse, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, SAP, Siemens, Star Alliance, Tesla, Voith and Volkswagen - and many more!

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The MBA&E network

By acquiring an MBA&E degree you will become a member of an international network of young professionals. The members of this growing alumni network are employed by international companies and entrepreneurs or hold positions in science and politics.

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